Joanna Walker

Joanna Walker lives in Easton with her husband Jonathan and their four children. They moved to Easton 10 years ago after their fourth child was born and they realized Brooklyn apartment living was no longer big enough for their 6 person family.

Originally from Wales Joanna worked in marketing agencies in both London and New York before having children. After her children were born she stayed home to take care of them and spent many hours enriching their lives with her love of art and creative learning. This led to her beginning a blog called ‘bluebarnliving’ and a strong creative online presence where she contributed monthly to both the artful parent and Red Ted art websites. Joanna also offered small private art classes from her barn for preschoolers before joining the Easton Art Center as the mini Picasso teacher.

In 2019 Joanna began working at playtots as a part time assistant in both the 2’s and 4’s classroom and currently is our art teacher!

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