Ellen Waugh

Ellen has been a member of the Playtots team since 2009 and is currently the music teacher.  She has lived in Easton for 20 years with her husband Steve, and dog, Albie.  She is the proud mom of 2 young adult children – Katherine and Mike.  She earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and business with a minor in computer science from Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania.  When her children were born, she left the business world and started volunteering in many capacities involving children.  She has taught music at Vacation Bible School at her church, been a soccer coach, Girl Scout leader, room mom,  PTA chairperson, parent guild president for the Fairfield County Children’s Choir, and junior choir director at her church.  She has served on the boards of the Center for Women and Families and the Fairfield Christmas Tree Festival and is currently chairperson of the Board of Finance at her church.  Music has always been part of her life, having studied classical piano from the age of 5, and playing several other instruments including clarinet and bass clarinet.  She is thrilled to share her love of music with the Playtots children.

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